SDG&E Green Button Download


To Help us evaluate the benefits of demand managementenergy storagedemand response, energy efficiencies, or solar PV for your facility; we need to analyze your usage data.  The most expedient means of getting the data is by downloading it from the SDG&E website.

Green Button DataYou are looking for this icon on the SDG&E website. 

Follow these steps:

·      In a web browser navigate to

·      Log into My Account.

·      Click on the “My Energy” tab.

·      Under the “My Energy” tab, click on “My Energy Overview”.

·      Select “My Energy Use” from the “View” dropdown menu.

·      On the upper right corner above the graph, click on the “Green Button Data” icon.

·      Select the meter, you may have more than one.

·      Select the date range, 12 months, on full months, i.e. 6/1/15 to 5/31/16

·      Click “Export” to download.

·      Save the file on your computer.

·      Please do NOT open the file, edit it, or save in any other format.

·      E-mail the file to Power Planet (

·      Now you can open the file and play with it.

·      Kick back and relax while we determine the optimal solution to reduce your electric bill.


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